Thousands of historical excavations in an artwork display at the North / South line between the escalators at Rokin station

By August 13, 2018News
Historical excavations, Noord Zuid lijn,, Amsterdam,


In the construction of the North / South line, archaeologists have found more than 700,000 objects from the rich history of Amsterdam. City archaeologist Jerzy Gawronski worked for months with his team and in consultation with artist duo Daniel Dewar and GrĂ©gory Gicquel, on a work of art that presents a small part of the finds – about ten thousand objects – to the traveling public at station Rokin.

Phone cards

The installation consists of two long display cases placed between the escalators at Rokin station. One of 10 meters long, one of 14 meters long and both 3.5 meters wide. Gawronski: “In these showcases there are sorted relics on theme, which together tell the story of the city.” Dozens of hammers lie together, as do hundreds of ship hooks, coins and knives.

During a regular archaeological exhibition, for example, all the pottery is put together. The Gawronski team has divided it by theme. There are, for example, the Spanish olive oil jars, with the objects that have to do with transport. And there are lamps of pottery, because it is about light. In addition: a found lighter from coffee shop Reefer. Once thrown away, and dug up again by the archaeologists. And there are more recent finds. Copies of the first mobile phones

Travelers have to make connections themselves

Signs with information are missing at the exhibition. It is intended that travelers, of which a part comes almost daily along the artwork, will automatically discover the connections between the objects.